Jason Jang

Jason Jang Musician

Need an original score for your doc, film, or commercial? Need a musician to play on your next release? Or do you need some discerning ears to help elevate your new song?

I’m a multi-instrumentalist, composer, independent producer and experienced performer. I'm classically trained on piano, and self taught on the guitar and bass. I’ve been playing in bands for over 15 years and have performed allover Toronto, South Korea, and the UK.


  • Songwriter
  • Composer
  • Multi-instrumentalist
  • Independent Producer
  • Maker of Anything
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Jason Jang Web Developer

Need a web expert to bring your vision online? Are you a small business in need of a striking web presence? Or perhaps you need a rich user interface for your next big idea.

I’ve been a tinkering on the web for 15 years building websites and realizing interfaces for clients of all sizes. I’m a self-taught Front-End expert with full-stack experience, and experience working in AGILE.

I'm a positive force in team environments and take pride in my communication skills.


  • UI Developer
  • Front-End Expert
  • GIT
  • Web Accessibility
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